Monday, September 28, 2009

New Reviews Coming

Hey! I'm going to do some reviews up here...including Kidorable! Let me know what else you would like to see me try. Particularly, I'm interested in cold-weather gear for children -- the termination dust tells me there's not that much time until snow is on the ground here!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Strider Bike Givaway

I CANNOT WAIT to get Miss K on a bike so that we can ride down the bike trail together. After researching for a long time, I am really keen on getting a Strider Running Bike for Miss K's first bike. Striders are build on the idea that it is important to get the coordination and balance concepts of riding down first before pedaling -- pedaling for young children tends to get in the way. Now that the snow is on the way, it may be more worthwhile to get Miss K skis (maybe striders come with ice grips ???), but these bikes also grow with your child, so they will last multiple years (and children).

Anyways, there is a giveaway on at Bragging Mommy for a strider bike which ends on 10/7. Enter here.

Fabowlous giveaway

Go check out the Back 2 Blogging Bash on Jabbering Jessi she is giving away a bumblebee tutu from Simply faBOWlous! Check out all the other beautiful Tutus and accessories!

Beautiful petal dress!

Sometimes the most simple idea is the best. Here's a dress design that is simple and interesting from Happy Green Bee. I love the hem with the opposing stripes. What a wonderful dress to twirl in, and it comes in incredibly creative colors.

Win it at Mudpies and Mary Janes but enter by 10/3!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kidorable Is Adorable

Another fantastic givaway by Mommy Loves Givaways!

Kidorable has wonderfully cute children's items including cute umbrellas like the one above. Wouldn't this make jumping in puddles that much more fun? I bet so.

Giveaway ends on October 1, so hurry on over there and enter!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Smell Nice!

After work, I try to spend about a half hour doing something for me before trying to tackle housework or any other errand. It's hard to do, because I either tend to keep working or get the housework done. One way I've learned to get out of those habits is to immediately jump in the shower.

I think a lot of moms of toddlers find a lot of solace in the shower. It's like a mini vacation. Why not up the ante and make it a mini spa experience by adding handmade soap to your routine? Latherati has a beautiful collection of soaps that would totally fit this purpose. Additionally I like how each has a book theme -- you could fantasize about having time to read the books.

Audrey's Giveaways is hosting a giveaway to Latherati -- enter here!

How do you tell if your kid needs to go to the doc?

Very good question. We have a 24x7 service at our pediatrician that we can call, but it takes a while to get information back. Not great early in the morning when your daughter wakes up with a terrible cold/fever.

Here is a book that really delves into these issues in a very practical manner. Find out what strange toddler symptoms are a serious problem, which are not. Stop worrying and pouring over internet resources that may/may not be right (I've been known to research to death because you can always find some information that is contradictory to all that you have researched so far!).

There is a giveaway at Parenting Our Kids for this book. Consider entering!
Enter Here

Zooni Giveaway!

Here is a great giveaway from a company who makes the most beautiful hats for children! Since they are lined with fleece, I think they would be especially welcome up here in AK where hat fashion is often superceded by functionality. Can you imagine a kid with this hat sledding on the Service High School hill? I can.

Here's a link to My Wee View for the Giveaway:

Welcome followers of NorthtoAK!

Hi Everyone --

Welcome over here from North to AK! Let me know what you think of the new page.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi Everyone!

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