Friday, October 30, 2009

Safety 1st Car Seat Giveaway

This summer, my family's world turned upside down literally in a rollover car accident on a busy road. While I was out running a half marathon, my husband eased our chevy tracker containing our toddler and dog from a high point to a low point in a construction zone and the wheel fell off. This sent the car into a 2.5 time rollover into a median. The car was more than totalled but more to the point, our dog was thrown out of the car and my husband was torn up from head to toe from plastic and glass shards from the rollover and going through the window to get our daughter who was hanging upside down in her carseat. My daughter, who was in a safety 1st car seat, escaped with a very minor scratch on her neck.

Let me say that again, my daughter endured a major accident in her Safety 1st car seat and escaped with no major injuries.

So, I can tell you, Safety 1st's car seats are safe and the best thing you can buy for your child.

There is a giveaway right now at The Shopping Mama for their new car seat called Complete Air. It was specifically made to handle side impact crashes, which is something that many car seats do not do so well for.

If you need a car seat, please consider entering at the Shopping Mama or buying a Safety 1st car seat from your local retailer. The Giveaway ends 11/16.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Happy Green Bee Giveaway

OK I've said it before -- I have a thing for Happy Green Bee clothing. This is my favorite dress:

Playground For Parents is having a giveaway for a hoodie which is really cute too:

Go to Playground for Parents above to enter! Ends on 11/6.

Gami Works giveaway!

GamiWorks is a wonderful etsy shop of chiyogami inspired accessories. The beautiful paper inspires these designs.

Mom's Focus Online has a giveaway for a beautiful dogtag-style pendant like this one:

Giveaway closes on 10/31 so HURRY!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hannah's Little Ladybug Tutu/Wings

Kira loves her ladybug wings and antennae from Little Diva Tutus! Here is a video of her minutes after opening the box:

Yes, I know, this is a ladybug costume and not a butterfly costume, but frankly K has come into contact with very few ladybugs in her life and is OBSESSED with butterflies.

We have had the outfit for a few weeks now, and I can tell you that it is standing up well to a 19 month old's whims. Kira now puts the outfit on herself, usually as soon as she gets back from daycare. While the antennae bend a bit, I have not seen any wear and tear, nor have any of the spots on the wings fallen off. Anytime Kira has, well, run into walls with the wings on, they have been easily bent into place. This is one tough outfit!

So, other than the toughness of the wings, I really like the fact that the wings and headband stay put, even on a 19 month old who is small for her age. The colors are spot on, and the entire assembly is well constructed. I also like the fact that a purchase of the ladybug tutu benefits St. Jude's.

Now, if only I can get her into the tutu -- the tutu fits, I am sure, but K seems wary of the purpose of the tutu. Maybe we need to watch more Angelina Ballerina cartoons. We will try to get her into it this weekend for Trick or Treat town. Wish us luck!

See Kai Run Giveaway at

See Kai Run has fantastic shoes for little ones. We were lucky enough to find a set online last year, and K is finally getting to be able to wear her last-season's shoes. These shoes have very flexible soles, which is really great for little runners. The shoes we have are suede, and have stood up well in the mud/grime of pre-winter Anchorage with a little bit of weatherproofing protectant (a MUST for cold weather gear). The shoes we have are well lined even in the sole, which is also great for warmth. is giving away a set of these fantastic shoes! Please enter here by 10/26, don't miss your chance!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another great Happy Green Bee Giveaway by My Wee View!

Another great giveaway for Happy Green Bee is on, this time at My Wee View. Once again, look at these adorable clothes for children. These clothes are unique in their stripes, and organic. I like how the clothes are also relatively gender neutral.

Anyways, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and ENTER! Ends 10/23.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful dress giveaway by Piece of ME!

Look at this fantastic giveaway at Pieces of Me for a Shabby Apple for the dress above. Isn't it beautiful! This giveaway is part of many in the Fall into Fashion promotion on Piece of Me. You should check it out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Babycape Giveaway at 5 Vinez Monkeys!

Winter is just around the corner! Good thing Angie at 5 Vinez Monkeys is having a great giveaway sponsored byBabycapes. You can win a Blue Sherpa Suede babycapefor your little one. Stop by before 11:59pm ET on October 23rd and enter to win!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eden's Bouquet Giveaway!

Connected 2 Christ has a wonderful giveaway on at the moment for Eden's Bouquet Children's clothing. You truly have never seen children's clothing like this -- very vintage feel. Many of these would be perfect for the holiday season -- a true knockout in a sea of red and green velvet.

They also have beautiful hats and jackets. Definitely go to the site and check it out.

The giveaway ends 10/31.

Little Bits of Me

When K was born, I bought a little necklace with her name on it -- that was my "Way to go! Mom!" present to myself, and it continues to be a constant reminder of how incredible this journey has been with her and for our family in general. It is also a constant reminder to keep the world in perspective, which is hard sometimes to do.

There is a GREAT giveaway happening (ends TODAY!!!) at Growing Your Baby for a Little Bits of Me hand stamped piece. Let me tell you, these pieces are BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE, and that's coming from someone who has looked at a lot of hand stamped pendants. Even if you see this too late to be able to enter the giveaway, consider checking out Little Bits of Me.

Friday, October 9, 2009

In the Know: Benny & Moon: the classics (giveaway)

Looking for a beautiful dress for your little one? In the Know Mom has a great giveaway for a beautiful dress at the moment (until 10/10): Enter the giveaway here!.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Safe and Unique Food Storage for Kids!

Great giveaway happening on In the Know Mom for Kinderville bowls, cups and storage containers. These are made of Silicone and are very safe for your kiddo! Enter anytime up to 10/12 : Kinderville (giveaway)

Safety Tat Giveaway!

Go check out the Back 2 Blogging Bash on Jabbering Jessi. She is giving away a sample pack of safety tat in either boy, girl or multi from Safety Tat.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kidorable Review

The weather here has been wonderful up until a week ago. Suddenly, our sunny fall days seem behind us, replaced with the wet and rainy period that precedes winter. When I saw this umbrella in the Kidorable line, I knew this was exactly the thing that K needed (or maybe I should say, I needed :)) to get through this weather with some fun and style.

Kidorable makes great functional children's outdoor gear in wonderful themes like the one we chose -- ladybug. Honestly, from pirates to cats, there is a theme that your child will be excited about.

We bought a Ladybug umbrella, hat, and mittens set from Kidorable. My biggest concern was that the items may not be functional -- that they would be cute but not stand up to either the weather or a toddler. I shouldn't have worried. Here are some close ups before K got a hold of 'em:

The umbrella itself is really cute. It's quite sturdy, and folds up nice and tight. The eyes cleverly retract when the umbrella is closed. The handle is secured to the metal, and the prongs were not sharp. I slid my hand around the metal framework and didn't get a scratch. Essentially, this was a great first umbrella for K.

As you can see in this picture, the hat is beautiful. I was also happy to see that the spots as well as the bug were carefully stitched into the hat, so that you didn't have any spots that were easily pulled off. The hat is appropriately woven (not too tight, not too loose) so that it easily gets on and off the head, but is relatively warm for our fall (40 degree weather).

The mittens are also well made, but it was tough to get K to keep them on enough to get pictures. I was happy to see that the mittens were strung together which will be wonderful for our winter weather (no more lost mittens).

Field Test:
Once I let her see the set, she loved them. She carried the umbrella around the house for a good half hour, talking to it, bumping it into walls, stepping on it, etc. There was no damage to the umbrella under close inspection. This umbrella is sturdy!

This weekend was the perfect time to take the umbrella and hat outside for a spin:

Let's just say she loved it.

Pros: Beautiful, functional hats and mittens! Wonderfully stitched to make the "dots" hard to pull off! Umbrella is sturdy, easy for toddlers to manage without help. The "theme" of ladybug was wonderfully executed across the pieces. True to brand, the items were both functional and fun.

Improvements: Would like the black spots to continue all the way around the hat -- Honestly I like the hat with the ladybug on the side, not straight on the forehead. If possible it would be great to have fingerless mittens with a ladybug flap -- would be cute and functional up here for the bumper months!

All and all, we are really thrilled with our purchase, and I would totally recommend Kidorable to anyone.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Moose on the Loose!

Eventhough her father and I are typical midwesterners by birth, our daughter is an Alaskan through and through. Her first animals that she recognized were dog, moose, birds and bears.

So, I know she would love the book Moose on the Loose by Sleeping Bear Press. The artwork looks adorable, and anything with a Moose is funny to her, and the idea of a Moose in her tub would send her into a giggle fit!

There is a great giveaway underway at MommyPR for this book until 10/13! Enter for your own copy!