Friday, October 30, 2009

Safety 1st Car Seat Giveaway

This summer, my family's world turned upside down literally in a rollover car accident on a busy road. While I was out running a half marathon, my husband eased our chevy tracker containing our toddler and dog from a high point to a low point in a construction zone and the wheel fell off. This sent the car into a 2.5 time rollover into a median. The car was more than totalled but more to the point, our dog was thrown out of the car and my husband was torn up from head to toe from plastic and glass shards from the rollover and going through the window to get our daughter who was hanging upside down in her carseat. My daughter, who was in a safety 1st car seat, escaped with a very minor scratch on her neck.

Let me say that again, my daughter endured a major accident in her Safety 1st car seat and escaped with no major injuries.

So, I can tell you, Safety 1st's car seats are safe and the best thing you can buy for your child.

There is a giveaway right now at The Shopping Mama for their new car seat called Complete Air. It was specifically made to handle side impact crashes, which is something that many car seats do not do so well for.

If you need a car seat, please consider entering at the Shopping Mama or buying a Safety 1st car seat from your local retailer. The Giveaway ends 11/16.

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  1. Wow! I'm so glad your daughter was okay after the accident. That sounds so scary!

    Thanks for sharing your story and this giveaway.